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Providing high-quality, professional cleaning services, for homes and offices.  There is no light cleaning here.  Each home or office receives a custom tailored cleaning plan and estimate specific to your personal home or office needs.  Deep cleaning tasks such as windows, blinds, ceiling fans, cabinets, doors, baseboards and so on are rotated in on each cleaning, so nothing is ever skipped. 

Here at Celtic Cleaning Solutions we pride ourselves in our work, our customer service and our very low rate of employee turnover.  You're sure to see the same faces each time, from the owner, to supervisors and staff cleaners.  Each employee has a spotless background and has been hand trained in the field to our uniform cleaning method.



Cleaning Services


Residential Cleaning

Our cleaning method is thorough, detailed and designed to make your life easier.  We stay on top of ceiling fans, windows, blinds, garbage cans and much more so these are never things you need to worry about.

We also offer many add ons such as laundry service, bed service, dishes, fridge, oven cleaning, etc.


Deep Cleaning

Already providing more of a thorough cleaning then most, our deep cleaning goes above and beyond.

Deep cleanings can include disinfecting, cabinets and doors, under furniture, carpet cleaning, ceiling fans, removing pet hair from sofas and chairs, wall cleaning and much more.

Move In / Out Cleaning

Whether you're moving into a new home and want that fresh start, germ free, all remnants of previous owners or tenants feeling, or just need your place cleaned after you or tenants have moved out.

Post Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleaning can apply to any form of work you've had done to your home.  You'll usually want all of this done due to high amounts of drywall dust, from sanding floors, rehabbing or even painting.

Our job here is to hunt down and remove this dust from any and all surfaces in the house or property.

Celtic Cleaning Solutions is one of the very few that also offers wall cleanings for these purposes as well.

Property / Condo Association Cleaning

For any property (apartment/condo building or office space) cleaning, we can tackle windows, blinds, stairwells, stair cases, banisters, mailboxes, elevators, vaulted ceilings, unit doors, basements, laundry areas, and so on. 

Garbage is removed and cans re-bagged, door knobs disinfected, glass left streak free and the entire space is left clean and smelling wonderful.

Office Cleaning

Whether your office or retail space gets a lot of traffic or not, our goal is always to dust, wipe, and disinfect all surfaces, down to keyboards, remotes, phones, staplers and so on.  Leaving your space looking sharp, fresh and clean.

Garbage is removed and cans re-bagged, desks are not just dusted, but wiped and cleaned. Bathrooms and kitchen areas are always fully disinfected.